Surprising a fan on his 14th birthday!

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Surprising a fan on his 14th birthday!

Hi Guys!

I surprised a fan on his 14th birthday!

Young Jack & his family have been supporting my music for many MANY years. I was directed to a post online from his mother letting everyone know that his birthday was coming up. Her post said that young Jack suffers from aspergers & Jack doesn’t often get invited to parties and people often forget his birthday. She asked her friends and family including me to post a card.

Speaking with Clare, Jacks mum she explained Jack is hugely into his music. I was booked to play live music for his 10th birthday party, after that time Jack became really into music & wanted to learn to play guitar. Which made me really happy to have helped inspire the younger generation with music. She also explained Jack is into StarWars.

It just so happens that I have a fan who is the manager of some of the StarWars cast. Including ‘The Emperor”. I showed the StarWars manager the message Clare had posted & he very kindly offered to hand deliver a signed picture of “The Emperor” from StarWars!

The idea of my fan-friends old and young supporting each other brings me so much joy. I love the fact that a lot of the people that support me also support each other. They are often so down to earth and kind & that really (truthfully) warms my heart. If you are one of those people I’d like to say a massive thank you.








Right, onto my contribution. I thought it would be fun to arrange to surprise Jack with a birthday cake, with lit candles on his doorstep & sing him happy birthday! Needless to say when this happened he was SHOCKED & very very happy bless him.





He then took me to see his new guitar that his parents bought for his birthday. We played a few songs & I taught him a few tunes too!





I really enjoyed the experience. It was a real pleasure seeing how much he has grown up, thanking him for his support & surprising him on his birthday.

More stories of my adventures soon. Thanks for all your support,

Matt Bate