Guitar & Vocal Lessons

There’s nothing more exciting than expressing yourself in music… or that’s what I think anyway!

And who better to help you improve at guitar or singing (or both!) than someone who talks the talk and walks the walk? As an experienced international musician, I live and breathe music, every single day — and I’m eager to use what I’ve learned to help you move forward.

Just getting started with guitar and/or singing? That’s great, let’s find out what you want to learn and make a start.

Already skilled-up? No problem, let me share the pro-tips that will polish your peformance.

My one-to-one guitar lessons, and vocal lessons, take place via online video – it works really well! If that’s not possible, you can join me in my studio in Evesham, Worcestershire.

Guitar lessons

Matt offers one-to-one guitar lessons for all ages and abilities. For maximum convenience, lessons are online!

Matt has specialised in teaching guitar for over 15 years. His passionate, attentive approach to teaching helps excite and inspire all ages to thrive in their learning process.

Vocal lessons

Singing a note on pitch, in time, and with the right dynamics requires bags of practice and the right training... but that doesn't mean it can't be fun!
With my extensive live performance and touring experience, and with lessons learned from my own vocal coach, I want to help you find your voice!

Enjoy 1-2-1 vocal lessons online - it's a convenient and great way to to learn.

From a complete beginner!! I started learning Guitar with Matt in April 2021 after buying the guitar and looking at it for about 3 months. I didn’t even know how to hold a pick let alone what to do with it so I decided to book lessons.

Matt’s friendly, down to earth approach put me completely at ease and so it began… his knowledge and skill with the guitar is amazing as he is able to simplify things so easily that even a complete novice like myself has been able to pick up different techniques he has shared. I’m now able to finger pick two different ways and read and write simple tab which just looked like a grid with numbers lol, I also know how to re-string my guitar after a fun teaching session, all the while he’s telling me about thing’s he’s got up to and all these wicked places he’s visited while recording his music. ​ Watching Matt listen to and break down a song I’ve suggested I want to learn is amazing, he is so incredibly clever! It’s just like snapping your fingers. His enthusiasm for the guitar is truly infectious and I totally love my guitar because of it. Our lessons are the highlight of my week as they are so much fun and Matt’s encouragement is fantastic, even when I think I’m not doing very well he is always there to tell me I’m doing great and to send me a video clip if I need a reminder for a technique or a chord.

I truly enjoy my guitar because of Matt’s enthusiasm for playing and he inspires me to be so much better. I’d love to able to play like him but that’s never going to happen. I also know that my guitar would have ended up as a decoration if I hadn’t begun lessons with Matt, so Matt thank you for helping me to love my guitar, really glad you’re my teacher.”