Working with Simon Rimmer! (Sunday Brunch)

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Working with Simon Rimmer! (Sunday Brunch)

Hi Guys,

I spent Saturday working with famous TV chef Simon Rimmer & the Sunday Brunch cast & crew in Richmond, London.

A lot of you have seen the pictures posted online & have been asking questions about what we got up to with Simon Rimmer. So here’s the story…

We were very kindly head hunted & booked by Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch to play live music for a competition winners BBQ hosted by Simon Rimmer. The experience will be televised & also promoted by top BBQ brand ‘Weber’.

It was great to work with Simon himself, Princess Productions & all at the shoot. I absolutely loved the experience & was made to feel at complete ease from start to finish.

It’s a joy to be invited to so many high profile events throughout my career to date & I look forward to sharing the next experiences of my journey with you! Thank you again for all your support, I am so very lucky.

If you are looking for live music, I’d like to help you too! Email: [email protected]

Take care, See you in the next #Blog! Matt