Live music on a boat!

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Live music on a boat!

Passionate about live music!

I’ve grown up with the motto ‘anything worth doing, is worth doing right’.

Recently I’ve realized just how much I live by this motto. I’m a perfectionist & I’m fiercely passionate about what I do for a living.

Live music has always been a second language that I’ve carried with me. It takes time to learn & grown that vocabulary. Once you’ve got it, it feels incredible to communicate with. The realization that you can spread joy & make people smile as a by-product of creating music is just the ‘icing on the cake’.

This brings me to a recent story. Many of you say hi to me when I’m out & about (which I love by the way) and this weekend was no exception. I was due to perform at Bidford-On-Avon Festival which sadly fell through, so I had a rare day off. I had not booked to play at my local town festival: Stratford-Upon-Avon, River Festival as I was due to play elsewhere so we ended up going down to see the performers and enjoy the sunshine.

During a walk around the shops on the green we saw some people that very kindly support my music. They asked me to play for them, even though it was my day off I said I would but I didn’t have a guitar. Needless to say we carried on walking around the stools and a few hours later they found me & provided, (you guessed it) a guitar! So… I literally couldn’t say no to playing a few tunes for them!

They owned a boat, moored up on the side of the river avon in amungst the festival. I sat on the side of the boat (see pictures) and ended up playing a few songs in the sunshine with them. During the performance the crowd got bigger and bigger & more and more loud. Clapping, singing along. At one point I found myself standing on the roof of the boat singing Bob Marley with a load of strangers. Fantastic!

I’ve never busked before, I’ve been lucky enough not to have to but this was definitely the closest I’ve come to busking. Stood on a boat singing to a load of strangers who have come over to get involved in the music. It was a really lovely experience. Some of the feedback I received from new Facebook friends was lovely:

“Fabulous voice!” – Julie Samantha Hunt
“Thank you for singing it was fab!” – Jo Hutchinson
“Matt Bate that was just perfect, it really made the day!” – Emily Adams

So to conclude, I’m really passionate about what I do. I’ve learnt upon reflection that whatever it is I’m doing in life, I want to do my very best at it & I work hard to achieve that quality standard. In this case were talking – live music. If you or a friend have got a private party, wedding or event coming up & you’re looking for the right musician to help make your event even more special, let me know. I’d love to help.

Thanks for reading & supporting my journey in music. I’ll leave you with a link to my new international single LIFE (Click for video) or (Click for iTunes). I’ll also leave you with a few social media snaps of me “rockin’ the boat” at the River Festival!

Speak soon, Matt