Free Hugs Music Video!

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Free Hugs Music Video!

Hey Guys,

Great news, I’ve released a new music video. This ones a bit different…. in the best kind of way…

No I’m not in a private plane, or singing on a boat in the Caribbean ocean… I’m giving ‘Free Hugs’ in my home town of Stratford-Upon-Avon. It’s a bit different to my other exotic / tropical music videos but was so much fun & so rewarding to film. Just check out the video & I dare you not to laugh or giggle!

The message behind the video. So many people have messaged me after watching & sharing this video to say how beautiful the underlying message is. For those who wonderer, here’s the message:

We all get so wrapped up in daily life, stresses big & small. Sometimes all we need is a… (you guessed it) hug! Or a smile. or a laugh. One of these things could make someones day. The day we shot this video, I wanted to make someones day. Little did I know the whole of the public made may day. I couldn’t stop laughing, dancing & smiling. I hugged maybe 100 people in 20 mins… maybe more, maybe less but – a LOT of people. Everyone enjoyed the madness & fun. So much so that I couldn’t actually feature all the footage in the video, there was just too much!

Right, that it – no more emotive blabbing. Here’s me, sharing the love with the new Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber Song:

See you in the next blog!

Matt 🙂