Hosting Evesham River Festival!

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Hosting Evesham River Festival!

Hi Guys!

I hope you’re all having a good summer (if it’s not HOT where you are, or it’s not summer when you’re reading this, I’m sorry… because I love summer & I’m sure many of you do too!)

I had the fantastic invitation after last years performance (2018) at the Evesham River Festival to host & perform at the prestigious Evesham River Festival this year (2019). This is one of Evesham’s longest running festivals & I’m super grateful to be invited to attend, let alone host the live music stage at event. It was great to be able to help support the festival in some small way.

As the new kid on the block & seeing this festival from start to finish for the first time, I can safely say that I think this festival is really something special. There is so much going on all day long however, when the lights go out this festival really comes to life where many festivals end.

By day, the live music stage (hosted by me) is of course a big attraction. There is many acts from solo acoustic musicians, to dance groups, to bands. There is also a fine selection of stalls across the festival of every genre. (Including my very favourite style of festival stall: coffee & food).

By Night, the waterside is illuminated by the boat light parade & one of the best firework displays I have ever seen. I really valued seeing all the illuminated boats & was very impressed that after their illuminated parade that they gifted us with. The festival & the people of Evesham were able to return the favour & celebrate their efforts with a firework display to remember in both Evesham’s & the boaters honour. Spectacular.

During the festival I was invited to take a boat ride across the river & captured some beautiful footage of the festival from the water which I believe will be showcased ahead of next years festival. Further to this I learnt a huge amount of boat safety on the water & was really impressed when the lifeguards & safety instructors were sharing this information with all who were lucky enough to boat on the river. Very safe & informative. I’ve got lots to learn about boating, and very pleased I have a setting like this to learn about it.

To conclude, I wanted to say a huge thanks to the hard working team at the festival for not only putting on such a stunning festival in our local area (it’s not easy to do!) But also a big thank you for inviting me back next year. I’m over the moon the team have asked me to arrange the main stage, host & perform for the event. It’s quite an honour to be part of such a prestigious local event. Thank you for inviting me & thinking to include me in the fun!

See you all in the next blog & well done to all who made the ‘Evesham River Festival’ such a spectacular event for our local area!

Matt 🙂

Click here to view the River Festival: Website