Barbados! How many NEW music videos?!

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Barbados! How many NEW music videos?!

Hi Everyone!

How the devil are you?!

I’ve missed this… well, I’ve missed the opportunity to write to you as I’ve been so busy! Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in-fact I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be a busy bee… so, now I’ve got the time – lets chat!

As many of you already know every few years I am lucky enough to go to Barbados and I often shoot some music videos! I know… very lucky… but I do work hard for this opportunity you know… it’s all about the hard grafting to receive this wonderful reward. 🙂

I have just shot 3, yes THREE music videos on the island. It’s a hat trick! I’m actually super proud of these & would love for you to let me know what you think too.

Here they are… watch my new music videos if  you’d like & relax with me. 

Thanks so much for all your love & support, I’m grateful as always! See you in the next blog… the next one is actually quite a fun blog (ya’ll see) … I’m writing the topic straight after this one, so tune in soon! If you like the video please share them so more people can see my musical artsiness! Thanks 🙂

Matt 🙂