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Studio Tour

Welcome to: Matt Bate’s Studio

A safe place for artists to craft their unique sound!

Every song ever recorded starts and ends its journey to life in the studio. Matt is a one-stop shop for getting a record from ‘just an idea’ to a record on all major platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc. Click here to book studio time.

More about the studio… For over ten years Matt has specialised in 1-on-1 production with musicians of any age and ability in his home studio in the Cotswolds. Matt creates a homely, comfortable environment that allows musicians to easily tap into their talent without the pressures of bigger, less personal time-and-cost-pressured studios.

As well as having Matt’s studio experience at your fingertips, he is also a full-time live singer and guitarist. Matt understands performing music to an audience as well as specialising in the elements required to studio engineer, produce, mix and master records. This means he understands what hits an audience in a live environment, giving a much wider application for your records.

Each year Matt invests heavily in the very best professional studio equipment on the market, ensuring the studio is at the forefront of modern production. This year Matt made no exceptions!

Many of Matt’s international cover/original records have achieved over a million views on YouTube, Facebook, IGTV and are sold on iTunes/Amazon/Google Play/ Spotify and in 750+ stores worldwide. With this experience, Matt is able to tailor your music to this market and is able to help get your music online to the masses!

…But first things first, you need your first recording session.

Contact Matt today to book some studio time. Email Matt

Listen to a recent release produced by Matt & written by one of Matt’s music students: