Photoshoot with Luke Deakin

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Photoshoot with Luke Deakin

Hi Guys!

Hope you’re all well & keeping out of trouble! Recently I shot with the talented Luke Deakin Photography in some of Stratford-Upon-Avon’s finest manor hotels. One of which was Walton Hall & Spa Hotel and I must say, it is beautiful. Thank you for hosting us.

So who is Luke? Well… Although I know he would perhaps be too modest to say, Luke is an international photographer. He has shot in Malta, Amsterdam, UK + others. Luke’s style of photography has been for many years: festivals. His festival imagery is insane. In fact, click here to view his instagram & you will fully appreciate my testimonial of his work. It’s just incredible. The art of capturing a moment (the apex of a show) live as it happens with no re-do’s is just inspirational to me. Here are a few of his festival images:

From there Luke has started to build a strong portfolio in fashion & beauty as well as wedding photography. I suppose that’s where I come into Luke’s story? A wedding singer with a beautiful fashion sense… ha!… I’ll keep dreaming! (I was right about wedding singer bit at least!) In all seriousness, our paths crossed at a live show. I was raising money for a close friend of mines life changing operation & at the show I met Luke. Turns out we have many mutual friends & years later here we are collaborating! Love it!

During the shoot as we were moving from location to location, we met someone who stopped us to say hello. It turned out the person who stopped us supported my music and also knew Luke. What a coincidence! I love it when you guys come and say hi, so thank you. We carried on to shoot some images across the grounds outside and the halls as well as the hotel area. Other locations followed until sunset.

Testimonial… Luke made me feel at ease during the shoot & had the ability to just roll with different environments as we changed scene. He’s a really nice guy, inspiring & passionate. (I’m not just saying that). I left the session feeling really positive & that’s hugely down to Luke, so thank you!

If you’d like to book Luke or inquire about shooting with him you can do so via this link: you can also find him on Faceboook etc.

Below you will see a few pictures from the shoot. I’m really pleased with the interesting, natural style of the images. Let us know what you think?

Thanks for reading the blog & I’ll see you in the next one! Matt