Neumann Studio Investment

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Neumann Studio Investment

Hi Guys!

Welcome to another blog! In my last ‘studio investment’ blog I talked about many new studio investments from early 2018. With a full gear review & recommendation for those of you studio owners who may benefit from it. This blog is a continuation of that very topic, highlighting one main company (an industry leader) and my investment in their products.

A name which needs no introduction to studio production professionals the world over is: Neumann. They are a staple microphone in any professional studio.

Due to the success of the recording projects that have come through my studio this year, I have been able to invest in a brand new Neumann large diaphragm microphone. This new investment really brings the studio to the next level & as a gear junkie I couldn’t be happier!

Years ago buying cheaper gear made a huge difference in increasing the quality of my over all production. These days the best gear costs a lot but only propels the studio a very small step forward. It’s all about the little details now for me, refining the very small intricate parts of the studio. In which, to my ears, makes a huge quality leap. Although to the average public listener it probably makes very little impact. This new microphone however is a solid step forward & there are very few microphone manufacturers in the world that can beat it. I strive for excellence which is something I have been working my musical lifetime to achieve & will continue striving for.

So what now? Now I can capture the clearest audio possible, the next challenge is getting the very best performance out of both myself & my clients! To celebrate this new studio investment: I am going to take on a small amount of new clients. If you would like to book a professional studio recording project I would be pleased to take your requirements into consideration. Due to popularity I cannot accept everyone’s projects but I would like to personally thank you for inquiring.

You can email me via the ‘contacts’ page of my website: Click Here!

A final thank you to everyone who has worked hard recording with me. It’s been such a pleasure. So thank you to all the acts who have booked up & successfully received their: albums, singles, EP’s etc.

See you all in the next blog! Next time we will be talking less tech, I promise. 😉

Speak soon, Matt