New Cover – If I Ain’t Got You!

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New Cover – If I Ain’t Got You!

Hi guys!

I’m sat on the sofa, with a fruit tea in hand (lol!) and a laptop.. well, on my lap (of course!) I wanted to write a little blog to further immortalise my thoughts about the recent release of a new acoustic re-interpretation.

For this record I had the pleasure of collaborating with Dumbleton Hall Hotel, UK. Performing this super-emotive record on such beautiful grounds was a real joy. I felt the open space, wind and cold weather really personified the message of the popular hit record ‘If I Ain’t Got You’.

We put the popular phrase “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” into practice while filming this record. The Dumbleton location was actually the second shoot location for this video. For our first location we chose to collaborate with a popular night club, however sadly the popular upbeat venue didn’t match with the mood or sombre vibe of the record. So, instead of realising something we weren’t 100% happy with, we pressed on and found a location more suitable. Having said this, I’m extremely grateful to our first shoot location for offering to collaborate and am really excited to use the space for a more upbeat and suitable record, hopefully soon! They really do deserve to enjoy further recognition for their venue, so I can’t wait to support them.

I also wanted to take a minute to thank my buddy Steve Chivers (a.k.a Spielberg-Steve) for wielding my smart phone to shoot this little 1-take record! It takes a steady hand, a keen eye and a lot of kindness to help a friend out. So thank you Steve!

I might share some thoughts with you about the recording process for the record. I had a lot of fun firstly re-writing and then tracking this technical acoustic guitar piece in my studio. The guitar part has gone through several revisions to find the most appropriate and personal version for the record. I also loved adding some emotive embellishments with the electric guitar… channeling my inner blues player! The vocal for this record was also really fun to put together, it’s so dynamic!

Right, thats all the “chat” I’ve got… here is the record! 🙂

If you fancy leaving a like, sharing it & checking out my music on all major streaming platforms that would actually be the best and kindest thing you could do for me and my little musical journey. So thank you if you do help and support!

Here it is…