Guitar strings – What you need to know!

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Guitar strings – What you need to know!

Lets talk about guitar strings!
Guitar strings are kind of like shoes, they get a LOT of use. They get dirty, worn out and need replacing.
I’m constantly asked: What strings should I buy? How often should I change them? How do I change a broken string? So, I’m here to help! ❤️
How often should I change my strings? Well, most beginners change their strings once every 6-12 months. Did you know some pro musicians change their strings before every show / studio session!?
What are the right strings for my guitar? Now this is a great question. Classical guitars use nylon strings. Acoustic, electro-acoustic or electric guitars use steel Strings. My advice to you is google the different types of guitar if you’re unsure of your type. You will be able to match the picture to your physical guitar and this will ensure you purchase the right style of strings for your specific type of guitar!

How to change a broken string? Firstly confirm which string is broken – E / A / D / G / B / e – Let’s say it’s the top “E” string that’s broken. Remove said string, firstly by unwinding the string from the tuning peg at the head of the guitar. Then unthread the end from the bridge or base of the guitar. Follow this pattern in reverse to install your new string. Firstly, by finding the “E” string from the pack (always use the correct string), then threading it into the bridge or base of the guitar. Next thread the other end of the string through the tuning peg at the top and ensure to tighten the string the correct way. Pull out your guitar tuner and start tightening until you hit an “E”. Top tip, dont over tighten your string! Once you’ve tuned your string, this will need to be played and re-tuned about 20 times while the new string stretches and settles into place.

Now on to the last bit of wisdom I wish to bestow on you. What brand of guitar string should I buy? In my time of playing guitar, I’ve played tens of hundreds of string brands to find the BEST! In my humble opinion, if you’re a beginner guitarist just grab an inexpensive pair. BUT if you’re looking to advance your sound, here’s a few brands worth a mention:

Elixir Strings

Strings can get a little complicated. If you’re one of my guitar students simply ask me to check your strings in our next lesson. Simples! If you’d like to sign up for my online 1-2-1 guitar lessons… send me a message!