“Could This Be Love” Original Single OUT NOW!

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“Could This Be Love” Original Single OUT NOW!

Hey Guys!

I flew to Barbados (as many of you know, one of my favourite places in the world!) to film my latest original single ‘COULD THIS BE LOVE’, in collaboration with Discover Bim Island Tours.

I’m overwhelmed by the response… you guys have been amazing sharing, streaming and downloading the record as well as checking out the music video. Thank you so much!

If you haven’t watched/streamed it yet, or want to listen ten thousand more times (oh yes please do!) Here are some links…

Watch the Barbados music video

Stream / Download on: iTunes
Stream / Download on: Spotify
Stream / Download on: Google Play
Stream / Download on: YouTube Music
Stream / Download on: Deezer
Stream / Download on: Tidal

Hope to see you all in a blog soon! I wanted to share my love and thoughts with you all across the world during the COVID-19 epidemic. I hope you are all staying safe. With Love, Matt Bate x