CaraMia & Georgia Tailby Photoshoot!

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CaraMia & Georgia Tailby Photoshoot!

Hi Guys!

Todays blog is #DoubleTrouble!! I recently went on a photoshoot with two very talented photographers: Cara Mia & Georgia Tailby.

We shot in the studio & also adventured out on location to Chesterton Windmill. For those who haven’t seen Chesterton Windmill, I would highly recommend it. The windmill itself is great, but it was the almost 360 views for miles that really shocked & stunned me. Beautiful choice of location.

Here is a little information about the photographers…

Cara Mia Photography

I have known Cara for most of my teenage & adult life. We go wayyyy back. She is not only a very talented photographer she is also one of the loveliest humans I have had the pleasure of knowing for a very long time. Her positivity & fun loving attitude is infectious & we always have a great time shooting together.

Cara has recently invested in lots of new gear making her shoots the very highest quality you can get on the market. She kindly let me hold her camera & I couldn’t believe how heavy it was, a very cool piece of equipment and a very worthwhile investment.

Cara specialises in: New Born, Wedding, studio & outdoor photography as well as many other mediums. You can find out more about her photography on her website: Cara Mia.

Georgia Tailby Photography 

Georgia & I met for the first time on this shoot although I had learned about Georgia’s talent in photography before meeting her. We spent some time in the studio & Cara was able to help share some of her studio experience with Georgia, which was lovely to see. (…and between you and I, this was a huge eye opener to see the technical side of photography. It’s not just point and shoot, ISO, F stop, shutter speed – minefield! Very clever & mucho respect to these ladies).

We also shot on location & it was great to see Georgia in her element on an outdoor shoot. Really creative & great fun!

Georgia specialises in many forms of photography & I would highly recommend her for your shoot. You can find out more about her photography online: Georgia Tailby

Special thanks! To both Cara & Georgia for shooting with me & sharing their amazing talent. I can’t thank you enough 🙂

To see the full collection of images click here & view the first batch of images on my website gallery!

Hope you enjoyed this blog, see you all in the next one!

Matt 🙂