We’re going to Barbados!

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We’re going to Barbados!

Hi friends! You’ve been sending me messages for a long while telling me to release some original music & I know I’ve always been really shy & nervous to release music so personal to me. Well guess what?! I’ve been thinking…You are so right – it is time to release some original music!

Today I released probably the most exciting news of my career to date: “I’m releasing an original debut single & we’re shooting the video in Barbados in just under 2 weeks!”

Having played music in Barbados before I became hugely inspired by the culture or ‘vibe’ there. I spent some time on the beach with my guitar songwriting & wrote a song on the island that I’m very proud of. I think it’s only fair as I wrote the record in Barbados, we shoot the music video there too! So we’ve been saving our money, every covers album you’ve bought & every live show I’ve played is paying for this trip. We’re heading off in a couple of weeks to make the video happen.

I’m extremely grateful to all of you for supporting me to get this far in music, it’s because of each & every one of you I have the confidence to play live shows, record YouTube covers & now to release my first ever single. Thank you.

I’ll be keeping you posted & sending you updates from Barbados. If you haven’t already please follow / like / subscribe to the following social sites & I’ll keep you up to date on the singles progress!

With Love,