Wedding Day Surprise!!

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Wedding Day Surprise!!

I was invited to perform my live music as a surprise for Bride – Tina & Groom – Nick at their wedding day. Family, friends & work colleagues booked my services for an evening of live music!!

Ok guys. Let’s take it from the top! It’s the day of the wedding & as per usual my ‘internal dialog’ (you know, that voice in your head that is occasionally referred to as our conscience) is telling me: ‘do the bride & groom even want live music at their wedding?! Surely if they wanted it they would have booked me themselves!’ All these negative things are counter productive in my line of work (& life) I have learnt to immediately counteract them: ‘My live music has been booked as a surprise out of love to enhance the celebration of their marriage. Go play, connect with the bride, groom & guests with your music & it will be a fantastic evening’. At this point I feel balanced & am happy to go about my pre-show schedule. (Disclaimer: Anyone thinking internal dialog is crazy talk needs to find some personal depth, just saying).

I got a couple of client mixes done, went to the gym, swam a mile & got ready for the live show!

Driving to the venue my excitement outweighed my “what if’s”. I arrived at The Grange, Kidderminster; snuck in & caught up with the wedding team at reception. They gave me the details for where my surprise sets would be taking place. The surprise is now imminent!

After a quick setup & soundcheck I left the room. It filled with people including the bridge and groom…

I entered, grabbed my mic & explained why I was there. The bride & groom both looked elated but remained silent looking round at family members smiling in disbelief at the wedding surprise. I then started playing & looked over at the happy couple, I was greeted & welcomed with both their warm smiles and excited gestures. You could tell they were thankful, happy, joyous even! The groom who actually played acoustic guitar came over and admired my Taylor ‘wow that guitar must of cost a pretty penny’ he said. The room clapped & cheered after each song, they even clapped (in time… mostly) during the songs! Lighters were raised into the air, fingers were burnt. The whole room were collectively joining in & the mood of the room was rising & rising.

Before my second set I was personally thanked by the bride & groom. They are both really lovely people who genuinely recognised my time at their wedding was an act of love from their family & friends. In addition they completely understood and appreciated the level of effort I had gone to to produce a suitable set & the nerve it took to carry out the surprise!

I started playing a lively second set & the room cheered, clapped & danced! It was a celebration! After the event people came up & chatted with me. I gave out all the cards I had brought for the event & several people enquired into booking me for their event which is a huge compliment.

I then left, sleep & the next morning arrived at a local starbucks to have a coffee (which is where I am now, hello!) and re-lived such a memorable event while blogging it. I hope this was an interesting read for you guys. It’s a very strange concept for me; putting ‘pen to paper’ has mainly been to write a song, since I started music full time. But to write a series of events down as I lived them (internally & externally) for my future self to remember the event in perfect clarity & of course for you guys to join in with my journey is an interesting concept to get my head around.

Untill next time guys, have a wonderful week. I’ll leave you with this… We can do anything we put your minds to. All we have to do is commit, never accept anything less than our best & apply effort consistently: “We Can”! Thanks for joining the adventure you guys, speak soon.