Singing on Bournemouth Beach

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Singing on Bournemouth Beach

Hi Guys,

Hope you’re having an amazing day / night, wherever you are in the world!

First things first, I’ve been a busy BUSY bee. Its festival season, I’m playing a lot of weddings, corp & private parties too but I have still found the time to record a new cover video for you & I really hope you like it.

I’ve loved this song for at least 10 years & I’ve finally got round to learning it. The song is about missing someone, although… I personally am not gunna missing a thing (Aerosmith much!) Ha. In all seriousness & Matt jokes aside, this is a beautiful emotive song & it was a real pleasure for me to sing it.

Hmm, what can I tell you about this record / video that you don’t already know. Oh yes, here’s something… Before I sat down to record this video on the beautiful Bournemouth beach, I attended a ‘Cancer Research’ – ‘Race For Life’ event. As you know Cancer Research is very close to my heart & we recently raised an amazing amount of money for them. I just wanted to share with you my thoughts about the event. The energy at the finish line was incredible. There were so many people taking part, so many people on the side lines cheering, uplifting music blaring, a radio host from Heart FM giving live commentary. It was a beautiful memory. The sad side of the experience was seeing peoples t-shirts with the names of those who were fighting cancer, family members, friends etc. Seeing these t-shirts with so deeply personal messages reminded me that this is a very real issue that I’m so pleased to be a part of raising money for. I certainly will be doing more to help in the future, just like I have done this year, last year & every year since becoming a professional live musician. Here’s a link to the website for More Info it’s a click away & I know we can do so much more to help. 

RIGHT! Now for a positive music video! Perhaps now, while you watch this video you will have a clearer idea of what was going through my mind while performing. Having just experienced such an emotive ‘Race For Life’ event, it was very easy for me to draw on that experience and put real emotion into the record. There’s some extra depth for you, perhaps these blogs are useful after all hey! 😉 🙂

I really hope you enjoy this video, can’t wait till the next one! Matt x


  • “Just listened… LOVE! X” – Sarah Potter
  • “Fantastic! x” – Margaret Bourton
  • “Loving your music!” – Caitlin Donnahey
  • “Beautiful, well done Matt xx” – Frances Beales
  • “Absolutely brilliant Matt! One of my favourite all time songs” – Jo Haynes
  • “Love it! xx” – Rosie Sims

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