Radio Interview & Live Session

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Radio Interview & Live Session

Hi Guys,

I’ve been on the radio catching up with my friends at 102 Touch Fm. You can now listen back to the session here:

During my time at Touch FM studio’s I was made to feel so welcome, I could have literally spend days there just listening to tunes & discussing music – fantastic place.

To start, we recorded a live session which was great fun singing my little heart out knowing that behind me through the glass there were people working hard in the office. (My secret mission was to get the people behind the glasses feet tapping (not only the listeners at home)… and between you & me, I think I did it!) During the session I performed a popular feel good reggae record by Bob Marley called, Three Little Birds. With the hook “Don’t worry about a thing, cuz every little things gunna be alright”. Hopefully you recognize the song. The reason for playing this particular record apart from sending some good positive vibes the listeners way was that I’ve recently come back from doing some music abroad & this song is such a sunny, happy, adventurous song it totally resonated with me & just felt like it totally encompassed how I was feeling. Please note: I have a bad cold & would have sung the song better if I was not unwell HOWEVER, a little man flu will not stop me singing! haha!

After a cheeky ‘one take wonder’ live session we moved into the broadcasting studio to record an interview. Presenter Liam asked me loadssss of questions to help his audience to understand me as a musician a little better. Some of the questions asked: Who are my influences? What do I personally get back from performing my music live? Does making music/videos in different countries influence the music I create? There list goes on! …Personally I really enjoyed the opportunity to share my latest musical news with people. Which was discussing the release of my brand new single ‘Be Who You Want To Be’ (out late next month) & I disclosed all the juicy details about my recent trip abroad (Jan18) to shoot the music video for the record. We also chatted about the release of my new international cover ‘Stay – Rhianna’ before it got played on-air, my reasons for covering it & why I produced the record in the way I did with acoustic, emotive & rich sounds.

I’m really thankful to have many really great opportunities like this in my music career to date & can’t thank Touch FM enough for the dedicated continuous support they give me. Liam Clarke the host & interviewer was extraordinarily kind and generous with his time & comments during the interview. I left the studio even more positive than I walked in & I didn’t think that could be possible! So a special thank you to Liam.

I hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes chat about my latest radio appearance. But don’t listen to me waffle on about it, listen to it via the link above!

See you in the next one! Thanks again for all your support & love! Matt.

P.s. Ooow! Here are some pictures taken from the session: