Live radio interview & performance

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Live radio interview & performance

Hi Guys,

Many of you tuned in from around the world to hear my recent interview & performance for Welcombe Radio, Stratford-Upon-Avon. Thank you for joining us!

As a full-time live musician on air radio performances and interviews are not a new experience but I do really enjoy performing for this type of event. Over the last handful of years I’ve performed (both on air & for live music events) for the BBC, Touch FM, Free Radio & many more popular stations.

There is something magical about performing a ‘Stripped Back’ version of a record completely live. Not only is there an element of danger (if you play it wrong, it’s wrong!) but because the song is stripped back & so open you can hear everything. Every word, every note, every emotion.

For this booking, I was invited to perform between interview segments. I had the opportunity to not only perform & chat about my brand new international single ‘LIFE’ but I was given the opportunity to speak about my international travels with music; performing & shooting in Barbados. I played a few popular reggae tunes between my stories and had a great laugh with radio host ‘Tori Rushton’ in the process! She actually started singing ‘Bob Marley – Three Little Birds’ live on air with me. That MUST be a first for the radio station, fantastic!

If you would like me to perform for your event you contact me via the contact page of this website.

Thank you again for all your support and positive contributions to my journey through music. I really do appreciate it. See you in the next blog!