Live Music for your special day? Weddings

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Live Music for your special day? Weddings

Hello & welcome!

Let’s talk about: Love. Weddings. Marriage.

As many of you know I’ve dedicated a fair percentage of my musical life to performing at weddings. I’ve been doing it for years & it’s something I really enjoy & get so much positivity back from.

I have so many beautiful wedding memories in so many amazing locations across the world, for the duration of this blog I will draw reference & pictures from just a small handful of these events.

So, why pick me to perform at your wedding?

In the words of: Matt & Jenny Phillips: “Thank you so so much for playing such beautiful music on our wedding day. You were amazing!”

Anne Elliot (Bride) Matt, Thank you so much for playing for our wedding, you were absolutely fantastic; we all loved you! Lots of our guests commented on how brilliant your song’s were. You were the perfect musician for our wedding.”



I’ve always found it routed deeply in my nature to care. It’s not something that I choose to do, it’s just who I am. This works hand in hand for live music & special events such as weddings. When a bride and groom ask me to perform, its a real joy for me to help add something to the day.

The right live music choice is paramount as it’s the backing track to your wedding. I love this fact & I work hard to ensure that the tried, tested & refined repertoire I choose to sing is the perfect accompaniment to your day.