Last Nights Live Show

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Last Nights Live Show

Hey you guys After popular request I’m writing another blog for you. (Thanks for wanting to hear my thoughts not just my music, it’s kinda the ultimate compliment). ❤️☕️  They say it’s healthy to spend a little time each day reflecting. I reflect when I write music but I never reflect on the music itself, my journey, my highlights, or even a simple night of live music & what happens from the stage view instead of the audience perspective. SO, let’s reflect. Last nights show….


I’m lucky enough to play some huuuge stages & I love that my music is big enough to suit them but I also love stripping everything back and playing small stages / venues as well. Why? Bcus it’s so much more intimate & I can tailor my music (tempo / song choice / pitch) to the eclectic audience in front of me.

Last night I played a club venue in stunning Cheltenham (special thanks to the venue: Monty’s for booking me throughout the year. They keep calling me up asking if I can play more & more shows too… bless them!!) This particular club venue is intimate & as I said I can tailor my musical choices to almost each audience member which is great fun. Last night I tailored my set to the ladies (sorry gents you were outnumbered this time!) and together we sang and danced the night away.

From the stage it’s a hugely different experience to being one of many in the crowd. You can’t hide in the crowd or behind a wall of sound created by a band with more than one instrument playing. When you’re a solo musician you have to be on your game for every single note, every single pick of the guitar strings & I love it. There is a vulnerability to being on stage by yourself which I don’t think I’ll ever quite get used to no matter how happy, calm and collected I always appear pre show.

People always ask me: “Do you get nervous even if there are 6 people in the crowd not 6,000?” My answer is 100% YES I bloody do! Nerves make the show real. If I’m not nervous I actually try and get myself amped up pre show. I always connect with the words & audience better if I’m nervous & if I’ve got adrenalin pumping I’m more alert, I’m more alive! For the level of service I provide clients I believe it’s so important to be present for every moment of the show & attentive to the audience (not dosing away at my desk – so to speak).

I think this particular blog picture speaks for itself for last night show. A chilled sit down intimate show quickly turned into an emotive singing & dancing party. The only way to truly do this is to connect with people and let them know they don’t have to sit in silence, they can enjoy the music however it moves them. Clap, cheer, sing, dance, dance on tables (sorry Monty’s) & of course take pictures.

I’m so blessed to have music in me & be brave enough to let it out. Thank you for coming to shows & watch me have fun internationally with music on YouTube! Feel free to leave a comment. Let me hear you. If you enjoy these quick 5 minute blogs let me know.

Thank you for everything. Matt xx

P.s. Guess what?! Covers Album Vol.2 will be coming OUT SOON! Shhhh… Tell everyone ❤️